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Wikki - Consultancy and Software Developement using foam-extend and OpenFOAM®

Wikki creates solutions for even the most complex requirements related to open source CFD. We provide tailored services such as training, custom development, support, software engineering and deployment. Company founder, prof. Hrvoje Jasak is one of the two principal authors of the OpenFOAM® code, so we can provide highest level of expertise and insight into all aspects of CFD. At the same time, we maintain the engineer's perspective and always employ a solution oriented approach. Specialist automotive CFD knowledge is brought in by Wikki partner dr. Henrik Rusche.

Wikki is provider and major contributor to foam-extend, the community version of the OpenFOAM® software. We actively support the lively extend-community and encourage contributions to the project.

We are the partner you can trust and rely on when innovative design and high performance are a key issue.

OpenFOAM ® trademark is currently held by ESI Group. The products and services offered by Wikki are not endorsed by ESI Group.