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CFD in Naval Hydrodynamics, off-shore and wave modelling with FOAM

When May 23, 2016
from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Where London, UK
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Contact Phone +44 20 3176 7190
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Wikki Ltd. is pleased to announce an industry focused User Day dedicated to

"CFD in Naval Hydrodynamics, off-shore and wave modelling with FOAM"

The User Day will be held on 23 May 2016 in London.

The objective of the User Day is to present the capabilities of the Naval Hydro Software Pack produced by Wikki. The Naval Hydro Pack extends the capabilities of foam-extend a community driven fork of OpenFOAM® in naval hydrodynamics CFD applications such as wave and current loading on fixed and floating off-shore structures, coastal wave dynamics and wave scour simulation.

Focus will be given to the presentation of validation and verification results, user testimonials and meshing for a range of naval hydrodynamics problems. The event includes the reports from

  • Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), 2-5 May 2016
  • SHOPERA: 3rd Public Workshop 13-15th April 2016
  • Tokyo 2015: A Workshop on CFD in Ship Hydrodynamics, 2-4 December 2015
  • TULCS EU FP 7 Project: Tools for Ultra Large Container Ships In-house validation and verification

and examples of the use of FOAM naval hydrodynamics tools over a range of validation and design studies:

  • 1) Naval hydrodynamics with FOAM: overview of physical modelling
  • 2) Naval hydrodynamics simulations Sloshing, slamming and water wave impact on structures Green water simulations Steady resistance simulations of ship hulls Sinkage and trim simulations Drift angle simulations Forced oscillation simulations and constrained motion cases (heave and roll damping)
  • 3) Meshing with Pointwise
  • 4) Wave modelling in free surface flows Incoming wave conditions: regular and irregular waves Coupling of incoming waves with CFD flow simulations: relaxation zone approach Implementation and validation of the SWENSE solver for seakeeping simulations Sea-keeping simulations for ship hulls
  • 5) Irregular sea states and freak wave modelling Wave packet focusing techniques and irregular and 2-D sea state spectra Higher Order Spectrum solver in FOAM Generation of freak waves Freak wave impact on fixed and floating objects
  • 6) Constrained objects and maneuvering simulations: Interface to external wave modelling and mooring system solvers Global performance simulations for spar and semi-sub platforms Modelling of ship propulsors Simulation of free sailing and prescribed trajectory
  • 7) Compressibility effects in free surface flows

The Workshop shall be followed by an open floor discussion of results and further physical modelling in free surface flows for off-shore and naval hydrodynamics. Hands-on trial of the Naval Hydro Pack will be available during the User Day

During the User Day, hands-on session with the Naval Hydro pack shall be available.

Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Hrvoje Jasak, Wikki Ltd: presenting the Naval Hydro pack produced by Wikki
  • Dr. Steven Downie, Arup: presenting experiences of the use of
  • OpenFOAM® in off-shore simulations
  • Mr. Vuko Vukcevic, Uni Zagreb: presenting seakeeping and added wave resistance results and implementation of the SWENSE solver
  • Dr. John Stone, Pointwise: High quality meshing of ship hulls and off-shore structures with Pointwise


  • 09.00 - 09.30 Welcome and Registration
  • 09.30 - 10.00 Introduction to FOAM in naval hydrodynamics and the Naval Hydro Pack by Wikki
  • 10.00 - 10.30 Naval hydrodynamics simulations
  • 10.30 - 11.00 Coffee and refreshments
  • 11.00 - 11.30 Meshing with Pointwise
  • 11.30 - 12.15 Wave modelling in free surface flows
  • 12.15 - 13.00 Lunch and poster session
  • 13.00 - 13.30 User testimonial: Arup
  • 13.30 - 14.15 Naval hydrodynamics simulations: Tokyo and SHOPERA Validation reports
  • 14.15 - 15.00 Hands-on software demo: Naval Hydro Pack
  • 15.00 - 15.30 Afternoon tea
  • 15.30 - 16.15 Irregular sea states, Higher Order Spectrum and freak wave modelling
  • 16.15 - 17.00 Advanced topics and maneuvering simulations
  • 17.00 - 17.30 Open discussion
  • 17.30 Close

Date and Location

The event will take place on Monday 23 May 2016 between 9.00 and 17.30 h at

Southbank House

Black Prince Road

London SE1 7SJ

United Kingdom

The registration fee for the workshop is GBP 100 and advance registration is required. For registration and further details please contact

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