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foam-extend-3.1 (Zagreb)

foam-extend-3.1, nicknamed "Zagreb", is the current version of the community release. It is a fork of the OpenFOAM® open source CFD software and licenced under the General Public License, version 3. Dozens of contributors from the world-wide community have contributed to foam-extend-3.1 . Many global companies and established research institutions use foam-extend-3.1 as their production tool.

Examples of new functionaly in foam-extend-3.1:

  • Pressure based coupled p/U solver
  • Major update of mixing plane boundary for turbumachinery applications
  • Density-based coupled Roe flux solver
  • Further parallel dynamic mesh capability: all topological changes supported in parallel execution
  • GPU support (integration of Cufflink library)

See on the following pages how to download and install, get documentation and actively contribute to the project.