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How to contribute

You are very welcome to contribute to foam-extend and become an active member of the community around foam-extend and OpenFOAM®. There are many ways to get involved for people with different levels of experience.


If you have written a new solver, implemented a further turbulence model or wrote a useful post-processing utility, please consider sharing it with the community. In addition to public recognition you receive, the code will be reviewed and tested by more people, who will help finding bugs or contribute further improvements themselves. Sharing your code also shares the burden of maintaining the software and porting to future versions of foam-extend and OpenFOAM®, which is also a major motivation for companies to make their code public. You have various options how to contribute: The extend-bazaar offers a simple and flexible way to get your code "out there" and make it available for download as a separate package. The code can also be integrated into the foam-extend core, which will require some interaction with the maintainers of the project. This may be more work, which however is rewarded by a thorough review of the code by an experienced developer. The necessary steps are explained in detail on this page.


When you find errors in the software and provide detailed information on the error and its circumstances, you can publish a bug report. Two bug-trackers exist: One for the official OpenFOAM® release and one for the additional functions of foam-extend. Before submitting a bug, please make a thorough research online, to prevent double-posting and make use of existing answers and available solutions.


Everyone appreciates good documentation available online. Equally, information on the accuracy and performance of the code is useful for everyone and does not need to be re-generated over and over again. Test cases to validate results from foam-extend and OpenFOAM® with experimental, analytical or similar data will therefore help everyone to spend resources on more innovative work. There are several ways how you can contribute with writing documentation and providing test cases. On the wiki, you can add new pages or improve existing ones. The CoCoons project offers a platform, where you can create a chapter to what may become a reference for the whole community.


The forums at cfd-online provide an access to thousands of solutions to real-life problems. You can help out and provide answers to issues that you already encountered or that you are familiar with. This does not take too much time and will directly benefit a fellow user stuck with a problem.


Present your work at the annual OpenFOAM® Workshop, visit your next local user group meeting and connect with the using the community's social network.


If you are convinced of the open source idea in CFD, please spread the word and tell your collegues about the benefits of using foam-extend and OpenFOAM®.