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Wikki Presents at OpenFOAM Workshop 2013

Wikki at OpenFOAM Workshop in Korea

Wikki Ltd has delivered a series of 4 advanced training sessions for OpenFOAM at the OpenFOAM Workshop 2013 in Jeju, Korea.  In addition, we have highlighted some of our recent work, including implementation adjoint turbulence equations and stabilisation of adjoint boundary conditions; linear thermo-acoustic Riemann solver for gas turbine combustion instability simulations (Jasak), numerical simulation of combined molecular dynamics and continuum equations in a hybrid solver for locally rarefied gasses; multi-domain simulations of aerothermal conditions in an aircraft cabin; numerical and experimental investigation of a two-phase CO2 ejector; simulation of acoustic wave propagation in steel structures (Rusche), oxy-fuel coal flame simulations with Bourdoard reactions in coal char combustion; and improvements in numerics and capabilities of the Naval Hydro pack developed by Wikki (Christ).

For more details and access to presentation slides, see the OpenFOAM Workshop web site.