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Naval Hydrodynamics

The Naval Hydrodynamics package provides solvers and models for common applications within naval and marine industries. The package includes:

  • Our custom developed, incredibly fast steady-resistance solver (Co number > 1000), see example.
  • Sinkage&trim simulation with quaternion-based 6DOF and domain based mesh motion.
  • Hull slamming simulation with graph mesh motion, see example.
  • Wave theories (Stokes 1st, 2nd, 5th; Cnoidal; Soliton wave; irregular sea state[Bretschneider])
  • Numerical beach outlet boundary and generalised relaxation zones
  • Coastal breaking wave simulation
  • Seakeaping simulation
  • Two-phase optimized turbulence modeling
More details: Presentation slides with example applications.

If you are interested in using a the Naval Hydrodynamics package for your CFD simulations, please contact us or register for our Naval Hydro Event.