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foam-extend-3.0 released!

Wikki is very happy to announce that the long-awaited next version of the community fork of OpenFOAM(R) has been released! Previously known as "OpenFOAM-extend", it continues the tradition and spirit of the original FOAM code, which was released as the general purpose CFD/CCM package by Nabla Ltd. in 2000. In this spirit, the original numbering scheme (foam-2.3.2, 13 December 2004) is picked up again and the new release is named: "foam-extend-3.0", nicknamed "Jeju". It is distributed under GPLv2. The release can be compiled and runs on any linux system and Apple Mac OS X.

The release contains work by over 50 contributors. For a full list of features and improvements, please have a look at the release notes. This is a  community effort and all contributions are welcome: Bug reports, bugfixes, code, documentation, and anything else you would like to contribute.

More information on the Jeju release and download & installation.
The project homepage is

See the community announcement on cfd-online.