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MoDeNa launches official project webpage

The MoDeNa (MOdelling of morphology DEvelopment of micro- and NAnostructures) research project aims at integrating multi-scale modeling from nano-scale to macro-scale within a single orchestrator framework. As an application MoDeNa considers the production of polyurethane foams (PU), which is an excellent example of a multi-scale process with an tremendous commercial importance. Within the orchestrator framework, results from smaller levels are transformed into model data for larger scale simulations. In the opposite direction, large scale simulations provide boundary conditions for simulations at a smaller level. The project will enable including nano-scale effects within macro-scale simulations in a computationally affordable manner. Activities of Wikki are the development of the orchestrator framework. The project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EU. Industrial partners include BASF, DIN and Wikki. Academic partners are NTNU Trondheim, Politecnico di Torino, VSCHT Prague, IMDEA Madrid, University of Stuttgart, TU Eindhoven and University of Triest. For more information about MoDeNa, see