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Wikki Ltd. was founded in 2004 by dr. Hrvoje Jasak, author and principal developer of FOAM as a part of its release into the public domain under the General Public Licence. The new development paradigm has proven very successful and considerably expanded the use of OpenFOAM, both in the academic community and among industrial users. Wikki Ltd. aims to support the open source user base and development community in numerical modelling by providing technical services and expanding the knowledge in numerical simulation arena.

This is a heading

And here starts the text as a normal paragraph. Yesterday, was down for a while, so we couldn't start very well. But resistance is futil, sense of life is 42 and this blind-text is going on, just to have enough to work on it for the very own wikki style. Doesn't have to be philosophical, sophisticated or so long. Longitude is no sign for quality, writing well for the media-type "internet" is much more a question of techniques. Short text with

  • bullet-points
  • used for brief informations
  • they are read better, than fließtext.
  • what is fließtext in english?

and now it's going on - normal paragraph has to be chosen manually. plz do not forget.

Subheadings are like this

Very nice to structure a page. Truth to be told: most people do not read all and carefully anymore. They were trained in filtering important informations on webpages in a glance. The usual reading-time on most webpages is three seconds. Then, yes this early, user decide

wether to move on or to read deeper. "Depper" = 10-15 seconds. Good webmaster use time tracker to see how long visitors read every single page. If it's too short, visual structures and usage of images have to be thought about and changed. If it's too long, text style, typography and length of the page itself has to be changed.

Webpages are service to their users
Saving user's time by well structuring a page, a site and every single content is necessary. Who wants his customers to have a rising feeling of wasting time while surfing on his webpages.
Most searched content
Contact information. Don't be picky: write it on every single page (or make it a part of the template). And make sure your contact informations are printed, saved and easy to be found on screen. Most customers want to get in touch with you. And I assume, you want to get in touch with your customers as well...
This is a very nive plone thingy
Definition lists with kinda mini-headings and indentet paragraphs. Once chosen, the formatting follows editor's steps without any additional clicks. Every hitting on return switches between heading and paragraph. Well done! Usefull.

If my english "sounds" a little strange...french was my first foreign language in highschool. And as it was a german-french school, they didn't care that much about english. After changing school, I always got additional marks on my english tests: "Usage of language is too simple for this grade." Well... even if my english isn't the goodest in world *smirk*, I met and talked to lots of people in the US and Ireland (okay, they had a very strange accent there) and my poor usage of english didn't stop me from communicating and understanding.

Please note: words in italic are a no go on webpages. Screens do not do anti-aliasing. If you want a very, very bad reading-performance, use a font with serifs (Times New Roman) and in itlaic style. Or Comic Sans Serif - the preferred font of very personal, very freaky web-pages since 1995.

This page is much too long

Never forget: 3 seconds to decide: reading, clicking, leaving. Be a pro in writing webpages and keep it short and simple. Use images and specials like boxes for important but very brief contents. Users are attracted by "disturbers" (in german: Störer). Your page doesn't have to be flashy, blinking and colorful. This is an engineering surrounding. Do not break with this expectations, but try to be not as boring, as some of engineering teachers and professors at university. I am sure, you know some of them. And that you won't develop into this kind of human beings. WIKKI will be a powerful, energetic company (I assume) with character. Do not write this on your pages... it's not the best slogan you can get. ;-)


End of test

  1. list with numbers
  2. look like this

And this is an external link and a normal paragraph.