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Expertise in Complex Physics

Non-linear stress analysis

A combination of factors, including ease of implementation of complex equation sets, good handling of non-linearity, complex mesh support and intuitive Finite Volume discretisation, have opened the field non-linear stress analysis. Typical examples of use include non-linear material handling, contact stress and contact-plasticity problems, as well as more complex cases of rapid crack propagation and solid-fluid interaction.

Fluid-Solid interaction

With the expanding power and fidelity of both structural analysis and fluid flow simulations, secondary and coupling effects capture the interest of the research community and industrial users. These can range from simple uni-directional coupling, conjugate heat transfer to dynamically coupled non-linear effects like crack propagation and fluid leakage in pipelines, bio-fluid dynamics (e.g. heart valve simulation, flow in arteries and lung impact simulations), including closely coupled flow-to-structure interaction. In such cases, expertise in both fluid flow problems and structural dynamics is a necessary starting point for tackling the coupling problem. For close coupling and cases of strong/dominant solid-fluid interaction, a single-code solution is also a must. This makes OpenFOAM a platform of choice, due to its open design and its capabilities in complex flow modelling and non-linear stress analysis alike.