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The fastest way of achieving proficiency in numerical modelling and use of OpenFOAM is a customised training program.
The first OpenFOAM® Workshop at the University of Zagreb in January 2006 has attracted over 80 attendees; the Third Workshop in Milan had more than 250 attendees. With such interest, further events in USA and Japan are being planned. For more information, please contact Wikki Ltd.
Typically, training and support go hand in hand, as the initial expertise in consultancy and custom development projects is transferred to in-house development and problem-solving.


In many cases, the choice of open source CFD platform is driven by the need to develop in-house expertise, either for improved accuracy or for confidentiality reasons. Custom modelling and fast turn-over are best achieved by combining the understanding the available tools and the problem under consideration. Wikki Ltd. is a premier provider of OpenFOAM support and consultancy. Support packages and long-term customer relations are based on 15 years of development and support experience, helping the users apply the software to its full capabilities.

Contract development

Challenges in approaching, customising and utilising OpenFOAM to its true capabilities are considerable for a novice user. Wikki Ltd. to provides pre-packaged solutions for specific requirements of OpenFOAM users, including customised library extensions, additional functionality and new solvers. Our experience ranges from single and multi-phase fluid flows, complex heat and mass transfer, to solid-fluid interaction and non-linear structural mechanics, to tackling completely novel numerical continuum mechanics problems.