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Expertise in Software Engineering & Numerics

Research in Numerics

Ordinary and partial differential equations are important tools in the modelling, analysis and simulation of phenomena in natural and technical sciences. Numerical modelling techniques are a typical example where careful choice of technique and detail has a disproportionate impact on solution cost and quality. The research activities are focused on the development, analysis and implementation of discretisation methods, including a-posteriori error estimates and adaptive mesh strategies, as well as automatic mesh motion and dynamic mesh handling.

Object oriented software design


Representing a complex and demanding simulation environment, internal combustion engine simulation sets a benchmark for the capabilities of flow simulation software. Requirements include complex 3-D geometry with mesh support for deformation and topological changes, combined with the need to accurately simulate turbulent compressible flow with heat and mass transfer, chemistry, combustion and spray modelling. OpenFOAM contains all the necessary components and is being used by several research groups - making the simulation easy to set up, fast and accurate is an ongoing effort for high end users in this area.